Taking Care Of Your Bromleys Shirt

Shirt Shrinkage Allowance

Since all our shirts are made from the finest two-fold cotton, a natural fibre, they are likely to shrink slightly over the first two or three washes. For this reason a shrinkage allowance is made by our manufacturers, so your shirt may be slighty larger than you expect. Rest assured that, after being washed once or twice it will settle down to the size stated on the label.

How to wash your shirt

  1. To ensure that your shirt remains in the best possible condition:
    Always check the care label sewn in the shirt.
  2. Remove the collar stiffeners before washing.
  3. For best results you should wash at 40 degrees centrigrade with a light spin to retain some dampness - we do not recommend tumble drying.
  4. Turning the sleeves inside out during machine washing prolongs the life of double cuffs. Don't forget to turn out the sleeves again before ironing.

How to press your shirt

Using a hot iron press the shirt while it's still damp or spray if necessary. To avoid creases, press the collar away from the point and press any surplus fabric away from the outside edge of the cuff into the middle. Use spray starch for extra crispness.

Order of pressing your shirt:

  1. Begin with the collar.
  2. Then iron the cuffs.
  3. Iron one half of the yoke at a time, working from the sleeve towards the centre of the yoke.
  4. Press both sides of the sleeves starting with the gauntlet and underarm seam.
  5. Finally, press the front and back allowing time for the fabric to cool to avoid creasing. Fasten the top button and place on a coat hanger to air.

Take care of your tie

  1. Always undo the knot and roll your ties to reduce creases and retain their natural shape.
  2. For water-based stains, first let the tie dry, then rub a reputable stain remover product (available from most chemists) over the mark in the direction of the weave of the fabric. Always dry ties flat or they may lose their shape.
  3. For difficult stains, steam first then repeat the procedure above. If unsuccessful, ask your dry cleaner for advice.