Mark Harris... curiously eccentric, OR WOT!

To say that Mark is an unconventional designer would be something of an understatement. OR WOT! founder Mark H.. has had a varied carrier in acting, furniture, and swimwear design and marketing. But now he has a new passion. His new venture aims to help make Britain great again. For the past five years, Mark has scoured England for the finest materials that are still made in the UK, along with the most talented and skilled craftspeople he could find. He's discovered and used knitted elastics, supreme stretch fabrics, hand embroidery in precious metals, a rope that was made for Houdini in 1903, upholstery for a family business in Birmingham that made crocodile interiors for Aston Martin, faux Astrakhan from Yorkshire and armament mesh that he puts to far less dangerous use. All of the OR WOT! products are branded using Ecomark reconstituted inks - cutting edge technology that’s also ecologically sound. All Mark's inspiration is based on what is left of the finest supplier base that remains.