Rocking Horses


All our horses are hand carved using traditional carving methods, allowing us to create fine carved detail, we also carve our horses with their heads turned to one side for a more realistic appearance

The dapple grey horses are carved out of American Tulip wood and the stands are usually made from Ash but can be made from any hardwoods so long as they are sustainable and not exotic.

We create beautiful Victorian style hand carved wooden rocking horses in three different sizes for children to ride and a small one for the childrens' dolls to ride.


  • SMALL: Approx size 42” long by 33” high by 16” wide (1067x838x407 mm)
  • MEDIUM: Approx size 53” long by 41” high by 188” wide (1346x1041x457mm)
  • LARGE: Approx size 60” long by 49” high by 20” wide (1524x1245x508mm)
  • Small One For Childrens Dolls To Ride (Must not be ridden by children)
  • Size For Stand Version: 26” x21” x 9”
  • Size for Georgian bow rockers: 36” x 21” x 9”

The rocking horses are constructed in only the finest quality hardwood timbers from sustainable sources.

Real horsehair mane and tails are normally used, but for anyone with an allergy we can provide a simulated mane and tail which is specially prepared from synthetic hair which looks and feels similar to real horse hair

The paints used comply with EU toy safety regulations.

All leather tack is hand made and is of the highest quality

Real glass eyes made from amber coloured glass with black pupils.


Only the best top quality brass is used on the swing iron brackets and stirrups

As part of the construction a time capsule can be created within the body of the rocking horse, so anyone commissioning a horse can take advantage of this option.

All the above horses can be made with Georgian bow rockers and look fantastic if used for ornamental purposes , but are deemed impractical in everyday use as they travel along the floor and can trap tiny fingers under the rockers, hence the introduction of the swing iron safety stand over a hundred years ago, and they take up less space.

I am sure it goes without saying but as a safety precaution all children near or riding rocking horses should be supervised by a responsible adult.